BBC Music, Online Content (June 2012)

BBC Music Day 2016 – Talent Runner

In their second year, BBC Music Day took over cities across the UK and I was lucky enough to have a front row seat to Manchester’s festivities. Mark Simpson, one of the UK’s leading composer-instrumentalists was an ambassador for the day and it was my job to make sure he did just that. From checking in with him after landing in the UK, to picking him up from the hotel and bringing him to the venue, to making sure he was comfortable on camera and partaking in press for the event. I also assisted the PD assigned the particular venue in boom operating and setting up shots on the C300.


Possessed (ITV Studios), ITV (June 2016)

Cash Trapped – Auditions Runner

This programme is a brand new commission from ITV, with Bradley Walsh written all over it! Rumour has it, Bradley thought up the idea behind the programme and will be hosting when the programme goes into production later this month (July 2016). As a very exciting and interesting format, casting is incredibly important to the success of the programme, however, a new quiz format doesn’t have a large team behind it. I picked up the workload on their Manchester auditions, helping with casting and organising everything across the day.


Wall to Wall, BBC Four (Mar 2016)

UK’s Best Part-Time Band – Talent Runner

The primary focus of the position was to look after talent; with a lot of big names both on the bill and the Music Legends (Rhod Gilbert, Peter Hook, Midge Ure) mentoring the bands, it meant all hands on deck with a lot of people to keep happy. Usual runner duties were taken care of across the day, arranging food, travel and easing the PM and PCs day by assisting with their workload but as the evening closed in ready for the evening show record, a fast pace to get every interview, GV and consent signed kept me on my toes! Especially monitoring kit in a live event with over 1500 poteinlaly intoxicated people in venue.


ITV Studios, ITV1 (Dec 2015)

Text Santa – Researcher

Contacting companies across the UK in the hope of them donating their goods and/or services for particular guests. I secured donations from various toy companies, limousine services and a makeover from the British multinational clothing retailer, Next, amounting to over £450, as well as various other luxury goods. I also took charge of organising, keeping track of the mass donations, making sure each guest received the correct gifts, and that gift donations were fair across the board.


ITV Studios, ITV1 (Oct 2015 – Jan 2016)

The Jeremy Kyle Show – Junior Researcher

Key responsibilities include booking guests, working on the phones speaking to 100+ potential guests each day, researching news cuttings for potential guests, checking legals attached to each person and their situation, checklisting guests before passing them over to aftercare, source checking guests, looking after guests on studio days and following up afterward to arrange any aftercare promised from the team. One of the most important parts of the job is playing very close attention to every guest and making sure every piece of information is triple-checked. I help to produce one full programme per week, meaning being on the ball, keeping energy up and exploring every available avenue for content is also key.A thoroughly enjoyable position on one of ITV’s flagship daytime talk shows, giving me a very thorough multitude of research skills.


Fremantle Media, ITV2 (July 2015)

The Xtra Factor – Talent Runner

Responsibilities included taking care of presenters Rochelle Hulmes & Melvin Odoom. Completing all contributor consent forms. Sourcing contestants, family and friends for backstage reality interviews. Operating Canon XF305 on interviews. Looking after all crew in the Xtra Factor presenter area. Making sure the correct contestants got to several separate interviews within a very tight schedule, before and after auditions. Talking to upset contributors who decline any interviews after auditioning and talking them round to compromise. Food and coffee runs, including sourcing and fulfilling particular talent requests.


Half Yard Productions, e4 (Apr 2015)

All Hail the Veil – Runner & Logger

Responsibilities included looking after crew and contributors, including high-end salon owners. Logging all footage across three days on the studio floor. Cataloging and keeping track of over 70 designer wedding gowns and a large amount of accessories. Organising all props and wardrobe across the production to be sent back to various designers across the UK and US. This was  pilot from Half Yard for Channel 4 which has since been commissioned for a 3×60 series by e4.


Northern Content, BBC iPlayer & Online (Feb- May 2015)

All Shook Up – Talent Runner

This role gave me the opportunity to take care of BBC 6Music talent, artists who were performing pre-recorded tracks for BBC iPlayer, hosted by Mark Riley. I liaised with the artists managers to direct them to the building, took care of all practical loading and parking issues and most importantly, I made sure talent were happy and comfortable throughout the day. I made sure was an important link between the external production company’s floor manager and the building, solving any issues that cropped up throughout the shoot. The following article sums up DJ Marc Riley’s appreciation for all of us working on the programme:


BBC Learning, BBC Two & Online (Jan 2014)

A Question of Faith – Studio Camera Operator 

The BBC filmed the studio discussion segment of the programme within the University of Salford studios whilst I was studying and I operated camera within the studio on the day. This is involved being in communication with the director, chasing single shots as contributors moved and making clear my library of shots for the director.


Mentorn Scotland, BBC One (Jan 2014 & Jan 2013)

The Big Questions – Runner

Working on the programme twice, once in 2013 and again in 2014, responsibilities included looking after 120 audience members, supermarket runs for last minute snacks for guests and audience members, helping to prep and organise guests before the live record, seating audience members and guests, assisting where possible with crew to ensure a smooth record in the morning and afternoon pre-rec.


Equinox, TV Commercial (Sept 2013)

Dimplex Commercial – Runner

A fantastic day on the set of TV advertisement for Dimplex. I took care of clients, crew and artists all day, helped with the props department, assisted the P.A. on the shoot and made sure everyone was happy.


Media Trust, The Community Channel (Jan – Feb 2013)

UK360 – Researcher 

I located masses of clips and films for the UK360 programme on The Community Channel. I was sent a very strict brief and researched online, spoke to film makers and spoke to Universities to locate footage which hadn’t yet been showcased. I gathered a number of films and documentaries that fit the brief and were aired on the channel.


Waddell Media, Channel 4 (June 2012) – Runner

Taking care of 12 or more contributors across the day. Filling in release forms, reimbursing for travel and lunches across the production. Updating expenses spreadsheets daily, filling in production reports for each recording and filing receipts. Data wrangling, re-stocking tape and sending to production office and applying make-up to contributors.