From September 2014 – 2015, I worked as Content Editor for Quays TV News, an online news platform which broadcasts live from the Media City UK Campus of The University of Salford. Hired initially to set up an entire channel with 24/7 programming,  a number of logistical and budgetary issues stood in our way of our original remit, however, Quays TV News was an existing format that I gladly utilised to produce hours and hours worth of content each week. 


Initially, the TV News programme would broadcast online once a week with a ten-minute programme. Nearly three months after beginning, I had boosted the output up to three live twenty-minute programmes a week, including a spin-off programme, Quays Friday First. As I didn’t come from a news background, my production background helped towards boosting production values of the programme. Together with my technical counterpart, we reinvented the brand and made it consistent across the broad. I concentrated on content and made our remit and target audience clear to our student journalists and crew.

As well as broadcasting every week (term time only) for a year without falling off the air once, we also produced a number of specials. Such as The Election Special, The Film Review and The Science Festival.

I proudly co-ordinated our record-breaking charity feat; a fifteen hour live marathon broadcast, 15 Hour Quays. We wanted to go out with a bang at the end of the year and so I scheduled the day as it were a national broadcaster. We were covering genres from breakfast to daytime, from entertainment to sport, managing the schedule so every programme would be coming on and off air on time, to the second, ust as we did each week. It encompassed just about everything a standard day on ITV would output. All content was either broadcast live from our studios on the day or pre-records commissioned by myself from students at the University.

For our Global News Poverty programme, we linked up to 10 Universities across the world to report the news, using our studio to host the programme live, we would cut to pre-recorded programmes from around the world and dip in and out of the news in Salford, broadcasting for two hours without a single glitch!

Below is just a few of the highlights of Quays TV News2014-2015.